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Lorna Kibbey

LNP 120 How Your Personality Affects Your LNC Business Success Lorna Kibbey

Lorna Kibbey is an expert at business and has tips that will work with your LNC business. She speaks at a large variety of conferences and meetings. She conducts workplace assessments, workshops for teens and workshops for all levels of employees including using a tool called Everything DiSC, which we’ll talk about in this program. […]

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outsource (2)

LNP 119 How to Effectively Outsource and Delegate in Your LNC Business

There are lots of ways you can outsource work to people who act as virtual assistants, as well as ways to hire a person who will work remotely or in your workspace. You’ve been thinking about how to outsource LNC tasks. You’ve got way more to do in your business than you can manage. You […]

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Lori Kleiman

LNP 118 Hiring Employees – Top Tips for Success – Lori Kleiman

Lori Kleiman is an HR expert. She’s a business expert with more than 25 years of experience advising companies on HR issues, including hiring employees. This becomes important to us when we become employers. Her background as a human resources professional and consultant gives her unique insight on how HR professionals, executives and business owners […]

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Belanie Dishong

LNP​ ​114 How​ ​to ​Develop a Successful Approach ​to ​Legal Nurse Consulting – Belanie​ ​Dishong

Belanie​ ​Dishong ​is ​a​ ​mindset ​coach.​ ​I invited her on the show to share how to develop a successful approach to legal nurse consulting. She’s ​the ​founder​ ​and CEO​ ​of ​​”Live ​at ​Choice”. ​ ​She’s​ ​an ​author ​of ​a ​number​ ​one international​ ​bestseller. ​Belanie ​is​ ​also ​​a ​keynote​ ​speaker, ​ ​workshop leader​ ​and​ ​an ​expert ​​in […]

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procastinating person

LNP 107 Procrastination: What is the Cost?- Pat Iyer

Do you ever get concerned about procrastination as a legal nurse consultant? Put things off until the very last minute and then get stressed out trying to meet the deadline? Do you tell people you work better under pressure? You may have told yourself that line so many times you believe it. But the bottom […]

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marcey rader

LNP​ ​106 Are​ ​You​ ​Working​ ​on​ ​Your ​​Busyness ​or ​​Your ​LNC ​Business? Marcey​ ​Rader

Marcey Rader helps LNCs focus on the question, “Are you working on your busyness or your LNC business?” It is easy to get misdirected. In this podcast Marcey hones in on an area that is very important for legal nurse business owners – productivity and time management, both important concepts in running your business well […]

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Legal Nurse Consultant Review of Medical Errors

LNP 101 – Legal Nurse Consultant Review of Medical Errors

Legal nurse consultants work within the high stakes arena of medical errors litigation. We are often asked to screen medical malpractice cases for merit – does the case meet the criteria for a winnable case – for the plaintiff or the defendant? Other industries, such as aviation, manufacturing, and energy developed safety interventions needed to […]

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LNP 100 – How Employee Engagement Affects Medical Errors – Julie Ann Sullivan

Julie Ann Sullivan works with organizations that want to create a workplace environment where people are productive, engaged and appreciated, and who doesn’t want that? Medical errors occur when employee engagement is missing. Listen in as Pat Iyer and Julie Ann Sullivan chat about these points related to LNC business success The meaning of workplace […]

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LNP 99 – What is Your LNC Attitude For Success? – Pat Iyer

In this podcast I share tips on how to tackle self-improvement. Is becoming perfect possible? What is your LNC attitude for success? “Joe” (name changed) had on the surface everything going for him. He was a graduate of an Ivy League college and ran a successful business. He was personable and friendly and made others […]

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Joy Marsden

LNP 98 – How to Keep Stepping Up Your LNC Business Success – Joy Marsden

Joy Marsden is the Self Success speaker, an ideal person to talk to us about LNC business success. Her clients see her as an influential change advocate. She works with C-suite managers and their teams using her uniquely designed “Keep Stepping Principles”, which focus on key areas that can be mastered when going through challenge […]

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