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Hiett Ives

LNP 84 – How to Get Qualified Leads from Attorney Trade Shows – Hiett Ives

Hiett Ives is an expert in identifying qualified leads by exhibiting at trade shows. He has been working approximately three decades for companies who are searching for trade show success. He’s also an effective leadership and implementation authority in business-to-business corporate marketing and trade show management. Hiett works with people in diverse industries covering gasoline […]

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Business Concept

LNP 69 – How to Create a Strong Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Here are some strategies you can implement to create a strong legal nurse consulting business.​ Listen as Pat Iyer chats about these key points How to leverage your time and talent​ Why you need to train your subcontractors well Why you should hire slowly, fire quickly How to use financial controls in your business Why […]

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woman and man consulting

LNP 67 – Legal Nurse Consultants: How Do You Find Attorney Clients?

Is your legal nurse consulting business stalled? What is really stopping you? How do you find attorney clients? Is it the economy? Is it the competition? Is it your experience as an LNC? Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points: What are you doing to achieve your goals? Are you motivated to succeed? […]

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Gary Lynn

LNP 66 Harnessing the Power of a Step by Step Business Plan – Gary Lynn

Dr. Gary Lynn is a full tenured professor at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship. He was selected by Business 2.0 Magazine as one of the nine leading management gurus in the world. Gary has developed the components of a step by step business plan. He authored and co-authored […]

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pat need help image

LNP 65 How to Turn a Nurse into a Legal Nurse Consultant – Pat Iyer

Pat Iyer shares her journey of becoming a successful legal nurse consultant. This is the story of how to turn a nurse into a legal nurse consultant. Listen as Pat Iyer chats about these key points What motivated me to start a business as a legal nurse consultant? How did the idea come about? Did […]

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Donna Cardello

LNP 64 How to Tackle Tough Challenges – Donna Cardillo

Donna Cardillo is known as the “Inspiration Nurse” and is an expert blogger at She travels the world and does a lot of speaking as a certified speaking professional. She is one of the few nurses in the National Speakers Association who has that designation and only 10% of all speakers have earned that […]

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candy barone

LNP 54 – Closing the Sale and Getting What You Want – Candy Barone

Candy Barone is known as the pull no punches accountability powerhouse. She teaches people about closing the sale. As the CEO and founder of You Empowered Strong, Candy is an executive coach, business strategist and a corporate trainer. She also speaks internationally and is an Amazon bestseller author. Candy works with what she calls the […]

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Bonnie Fatio-Pollock

LNP 44 – How to Combat Your Worst Enemy – with Bonnie Fatio

Bonnie Fatio personifies age esteem. Bonnie guides and challenges us to face our worst enemy. She helps us think differently about ourselves in order to set our inner self free to shine, share our talents and act on our dreams at every age. Listen in as Pat Iyer and Bonnie Fatio chat about these points: […]

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car crash caused by destructive distraction

LNP 43 – Destructive Distraction – Pat Iyer

How does distraction result in errors? Its role in car accidents is clear. What about health care? The phone is ringing at the nurse’s station. The patients are putting on their lights asking for help. The IV pump is alarming. In the midst of this, the nurse is trying to give medications. Distraction can kill […]

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John kriger

LNP 42 – Destructive Technology Addiction – John Kriger

John Kriger is a nationally and internationally recognized keynote speaker, author, consultant and content expert presenter in technology addiction. He’s been a guest on radio and TV. He is hired routinely as an expert speaker for national and state conferences. John understands the needs of the healthcare arena and specifically nurses. He’s got experience going […]

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