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LNP 83 – Client Relationship Building for Legal Nurse Consultants

How can you expand your relationship building with attorneys? These are some questions LNCs ask me. In my experience, attorneys tend to pigeonhole legal nurse consultants. They often think of the LNC only in terms of the services they are familiar with. Does the attorney know you also do timelines? attend IMEs? locate expert witnesses? […]

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robert Schlemm

LNP 82 – How do You Know You’re Satisfying Your Attorney Clients? – Robert Schlemm

Robert Schlemm who is a nurse, has a bachelor’s degree and is a certified surgical assistant. I brought him on the show to talk about satisfying your attorney clients. Robert is a specialist in the area of client satisfaction and shares some tips and techniques that you can use to build customer satisfaction into your […]

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LNP 77 – Attorney Client Retention: How to Attract and When to Let Go – Pat Iyer

Are you burning through clients? Do they try you once and not return? Client retention is a crucial issue for legal nurse consultants. If you make one sale out of twenty prospective client contacts, that means that for two contacts you’d have to meet forty contacts, or potential clients. That is a bit daunting. You […]

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Doug Sandler

LNP 76 – 5 Steps to Why Nice Guys Finish First – Doug Sandler

Doug Sandler has just completed a book called “Nice Guys Finish First” and quite candidly, Doug is a nice guy. He writes about why nice guys finish first. And he is not confining this topic to men. Doug has over 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur and a leader. His book “Nice Guys […]

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cover of Body Language Secrets

LNP 73 Body Language: The Body Never Lies Pat Iyer

Body language is an essential component of negotiations. Attorneys are usually very good negotiators, and employ their skills when working with legal nurse consultants. This podcast shares some tips about body language during negotiations. I’ve learned a lot about this topic from being a ghostwriter for a book on body language, called Body Language Secrets […]

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LNP 67 – Legal Nurse Consultants: How Do You Find Attorney Clients?

Is your legal nurse consulting business stalled? What is really stopping you? How do you find attorney clients? Is it the economy? Is it the competition? Is it your experience as an LNC? Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points: What are you doing to achieve your goals? Are you motivated to succeed? […]

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LNP 58 Create Client Confidence and Comfort in Hiring You – Brian Beardon

Brian Bearden specializes in how to create client confidence and comfort in hiring you. He specializes in guerilla marketing techniques. Brian gets inspired by seeing business owners set goals and then achieve those goals. In my interactions with Brian through our mutual coaching program I’ve seen him go out of his way to help people, […]

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LNP 55 – A Model of a Successful Sales Presentation to an Attorney

How to you react when you have an opportunity to make a successful sales presentation to an attorney? Let’s say you come home from work to a message on your answering machine. Attorney Geoffrey Gillis says he received your name from a colleague and would like you to set up a time to meet with […]

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candy barone

LNP 54 – Closing the Sale and Getting What You Want – Candy Barone

Candy Barone is known as the pull no punches accountability powerhouse. She teaches people about closing the sale. As the CEO and founder of You Empowered Strong, Candy is an executive coach, business strategist and a corporate trainer. She also speaks internationally and is an Amazon bestseller author. Candy works with what she calls the […]

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