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Attorney Takes an Expert Witness Deposition

LNP 117 Best Practices When an Attorney Takes an Expert Witness Deposition

If you listened to Lorraine Doonan speak in LNP 116, you know she has had some trying testifying experiences as have I. I put this podcast together to focus on what you can expect in an expert witness deposition. Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points: The purposes of an expert witness deposition […]

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Lorraine Doonan

LNP 116 – Certified Senior Advisor – an Expansion of the LNC Role – Lorraine Doonan

Lorraine Doonan who has her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and her Master’s. She’s an LNCC nurse, which means she’s a “Legal Nurse Consultant Certified”. She’s also a certified professional in healthcare quality and also a certified senior advisor. She’s the president of LMD Legal Nurse Consultants and the executive director of Vidality Elder Care […]

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How to live beyond fear

LNP 115 Exposing LNC Fears: What are You Afraid of?

In this issue of Iyer’s Insights we talk about the factor that stops many LNCs in their tracks. Pat Iyer has talked to many LNCs who struggle with LNC fears. LNC fears hold many legal nurse consultants back from taking risks in their businesses. If you experience fear, what can you find do to help you? […]

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Increase your focus

LNP​ 111 Increase Your Focus for Better Productivity – Pat Iyer

In​ this ​podcast​ I share how to increase your focus for better productivity and why focus is important​ ​in ​both ​your ​personal ​and ​professional ​life. ​ You’ll learn tips and strategies for ​gaining​ and keeping​ your​ focus so you can be productive in everything you do. We are busier than ever before. We are spouses, […]

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kevin Light

LNP​ ​110 – Secrets​ ​of ​How ​to ​Slow ​Down ​​the ​​Effects ​of ​​Aging – Kevin​ ​Light ​MD

Dr. Kevin Light is a graduate of Michigan State University where he got a Bachelors of Science Degree in Biochemistry. He also earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and went to medical school in Des Moines. He is a board certified general surgeon who has become interested in the effects of […]

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attorney audiance resized

LNP​ 109 How​ ​to Wow Your ​Attorney Audience

You have an opportunity to wow an attorney audience. You want to make a great presentation. The surest way to add value to the attorney’s understanding of medical issues is to identify how you can use your expertise to help your attorney audience. Pat Iyer has taught attorneys at local, state and national organizations. In […]

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nancy lynn resized

LNP 108 – ​​How to Convey Your Professionalism as ​​a ​​Legal ​​Nurse ​Consultant – ​Nancy ​Lynn

Nancy Lynn focuses in on giving tips about increase professionalism as a legal nurse consultant. Discover how to be more polished in the way you speak, look and act. From the classroom to the C Suite she has helped thousands of leaders elevate their image and impact by integrating communication skills, executive image, corporate etiquette, […]

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Nurse Practicioner

LNP 103 – Nurse Practitioners’ Expanding Liability and Role

Nurse practitioners’ expanding liability comes with an expanding role. New York became the 18th state to no longer require experienced nurse practitioners to have a written practice service agreement with a physician. Experienced nurse practitioners (who have more than 3,600 hours of practice) are even more independent. In this edition of ​Iyer’s Insights, ​ Pat […]

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Caroly Buppert resized

LNP 102 – Analyzing Nurse Practitioner Liability: Uncovering the Risks – Carolyn Buppert

Carolyn Buppert is an attorney who focuses on legal issues affecting nurses, advanced practice clinicians and their employers. She studies nurse practitioner liability. Her clients include hospitals, health systems, insurers, physician and nurse practitioner practices, visiting nurse agencies, nursing homes, hospices, schools of nursing and a national certification organization. She is a frequent contributor to […]

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Barbara Levin talks about medical malpractice

LNP 93 – Medical Malpractice – When Bad things Happen to Good People

Medical malpractice can happen to anyone, even the mother of a nursing expert witness. Barbara Levin is a registered nurse and expert witness who is employed as an orthopedic clinical scholar providing care to patients as a staff nurse in a major hospital in Boston. Barbara is also an author and an editor of books […]

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