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Colleen Sweeney1

LNP 92 – Scared to Death- What LNCs Must Know About Patient Fears – Colleen Sweeney

Colleen Sweeney RN is a skilled communicator who instantly wins over her audiences. She concentrates on the patient experience and she conducted a three year study about patient fears. Having spent a lifetime in hospitals as a nursing student, nursing aide, nursing assistant, graduate nurse, registered nurse, educator, manager and director, Colleen knows health care […]

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Debbie OGrady

LNP 86 – How to Stay Focused on Your LNC Goals – Debbie O’Grady

Debbie O’Grady knows what it’s like when there’s just too much to do and the day flies by way too fast. She’s kept herself busy for years working on getting her business off the ground until she finally got focused and within nine months hit six figures. In this podcast she shares tips on how […]

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LNP 79 – Infection Control as a Measure of Quality of Health Care

Hospital or healthcare acquired infections are one of the indicators of quality of care. Legal nurse consultants who work on medical malpractice cases may be asked by attorneys to offer opinions on whether an infection was preventable or properly treated. Infection control can be a measure of the quality of health care. Listen in as […]

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Larry Cohen

LNP 78 – Lean Six Sigma: Is There Hope for Improving Health Care? – Ian Laurence (Larry) Cohen MD

Dr. Larry Cohen is an intensivist I’ve known for several years. He’s mastered Lean Six Sigma. Larry has been an expert witness and has screened some medical malpractice cases. He draws on his experience as an intensivist working in a comprehensive cancer center in Buffalo, NY. Larry is also a tenured associate professor at the […]

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female doctor

LNP 75 – Screening Medical Malpractice Cases for Merit – Pat Iyer

Whether an LNC works in a law firm or is self-employed, requests for screening medical malpractice cases are common. ​In this edition of Iyer’s Insights​, Pat Iyer shares tips for screening two common types of cases: falls and medication errors. Falls are common in healthcare settings. You can perform an invaluable service by screening a […]

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melissa chroma

LNP 74 – The Role of the Law Firm Legal Nurse Consultant – Melissa Choma

Melissa Choma is a law firm legal nurse consultant with the title of Legal Nurse Analyst for the defense law firm Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin. She works in the medical malpractice department. Throughout Melissa’s career she has worked in community hospitals as well as university hospitals, critical care units and telemetry units and […]

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cover of Body Language Secrets

LNP 73 Body Language: The Body Never Lies Pat Iyer

Body language is an essential component of negotiations. Attorneys are usually very good negotiators, and employ their skills when working with legal nurse consultants. This podcast shares some tips about body language during negotiations. I’ve learned a lot about this topic from being a ghostwriter for a book on body language, called Body Language Secrets […]

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Carol Little

LNP 72 – The Secret of Being an Effective Speaker – Carol Little

Carol Little helps others become an effective speaker. She has 15 plus years of experience training leaders in diverse industries, including the computer industry, finance, corporate real estate, automotive, electronics, healthcare industries and the funeral industry. She excels at helping her clients to move forward beyond the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their full […]

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LNP 71 Is There a Reptile in the Courtroom? Pat Iyer

Have you heard of the reptile approach to arguing cases? Do you know there is a reptile in the courtroom? Legal nurse consultants need to know about this common approach to cases. In this issue of Iyer’s Insights I explore the reptile approach to litigation. ​ Developed by plaintiff attorney Don Keenan and jury consultant David […]

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Linda Husted

LNP 68 – Developing a Life Care Planning Business – Linda Husted

Linda Husted shares tips about developing a life care planning business. She worked for Pat’s legal nurse consulting business for several years before Pat sold the company. Linda has a Masters of Public Health Degree. She’s been practicing as a registered nurse for 51 years. She has 18 years of hospital experience in neuro intensive […]

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