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Kathleen Pagana

LNP 24 – Crush the 7 Deadly Sins of Speaking – With Kathleen Pagana

Kathleen Pagana PhD RN is a professional speaker and a best selling author. You may recognize Kathleen as being one of the lead authors of Mosby’s Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, which she developed with her husband, and Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing. The focus of this program is the deadly sins of […]

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picture of an ambulance

LNP 5 – Critical Details of Trauma Medical Records

 Pat Iyer shares tips about analyzing trauma medical records. Do you see emergency department medical records as part of your LNC practice? Have you ever found discrepancies or critical details in these trauma medical records? This Iyer’s Insights episode is all about analyzing trauma medical records, whether created in the emergency department or in the physician’s […]

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Tammy Murphy

LNP 4 – Alert – the Trauma Patient Is On the Way Into the ED – with Tammy Murphy

Experienced emergency department nurse Tammy Murphy takes you behind the scenes for an insider look at what it is like to work in the emergency department. An expert witness, Tammy shows you what is behind the curtains and the blood in the ED. She focuses in this interview on the care of the trauma patient. […]

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hand on microphone

LNP 3 – How to Deliver Dynamite Presentations to Attorneys

Pat Iyer shares critical tips about how to effectively connect with your attorney audience. Do you recognize the value of demonstrating your expertise by giving a dynamite presentation to an attorney group? Do you want more clients or to deepen your connection with your current clients? (Some may be in the audience.) How interested are you […]

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Scotti Headhsot - Brown Jacket #2

LNP 2 – Powerful Professional Presentations- with Stephanie Scotti

Stephanie Scotti shares how LNCs can make poised, powerful professional presentations to their clients and prospects. Do you want to show your expertise to your clients through a powerful professional presentation at a law firm or conference? Do you want to learn how to be really clear about your message? Do you want to hear […]

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