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LNP 97 – How to Avoid Bad LNC Debt – Collect What You are Owed – Pat Iyer

Every LNC business has or will eventually have a small amount of billing that cannot be collected on or bad LNC debt. Out of the hundreds of cases that you handle, a few result in bad LNC debt. Why does this occur? Although my examples in this podcast relate to expert witnesses, non-testifying LNCs may […]

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LNP 96 – The Power of Effectively Managing Your Money – Amy Andersson

Amy Andersson is the owner of Price Turner CFOs. She has an extra “S” in her name that might as well be a dollar sign. She knows numbers. amy focuses on helping business owners with effectively managing their money. She has a great background in finance and is the chief financial officer for small and […]

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LNP 15 – 5 Money Management Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

What are the money management lessons LNCs might learn? In this episode of Iyer’s Insights, you will hear about some of the big money management lessons Pat learned the hard way. You will see how you can avoid the same mistakes. “Businesses don’t fail due to lack of orders. They fail due to lack of […]

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Ann Kaplan discusses how to master the art of money management

LNP 14 – How to Master the Art of Money Management – with Ann Kaplan

Ann Kaplan works closely with small business owners to make sure they get the most out of their accounting systems. Ann is skilled in the art of money management. Listen in as Ann Kaplan and Pat Iyer chat about these points: Why you need to be accountable for your financial system, even if someone else […]

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LNP 9 – How to Collect Every Dollar You are Owed

Of course you want to collect every dollar you are owed. Legal nurse consultants will agree that the majority of attorneys are wonderful to work with – intelligent and concerned about their clients. This podcast focuses on the small number who are difficult to work with because of collection problems. Whenever you have legal vendors, […]

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LNP 8 – Negotiation Secrets for Coming Out on Top – with Greg Williams

Greg Williams is The Master Negotiator. Greg’s motto is “You are always negotiating”. Do you want to learn negotiation secrets? You bet! Do you want to win more negotiations with your clients? Do you find yourself blindsided by an angry attorney on a billing issue, and hate not coming out on top? Do you wish […]

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