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LNP 105 What Social Media Platforms Should You Be On?

There are so many social media platforms. It can start to get really confusing for legal nurse consultants trying to use social media for their business. The top social media channels for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. In this edition of Iyer’s Insights. In Pat shares tips about the first 3. Be sure […]

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LNP 104 – The Magic of Social Media for Attracting Clients – Gil Asakawa

Gil Asakawa speaks about the value of social media and how it links into business development and business promotion. Gil is also a consultant for AARP’s Asian American Pacific Islander marketing team. He manages the social media outreach for this group. He has also managed the, serving as the manager of Audience Development for […]

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LNP 95- Preparation for an Attorney Trade Show: Key to Success

In this issue of Iyer’s Insights I share how having a systematic way to approach preparation for an attorney trade show will ensure you are well-organized. For example, one time I got half way to an exhibiting site in Atlantic City about 2.5 hours from my office. I stopped to pick up a legal nurse […]

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LNP 94 – Meet the Woman Who Has Been Exhibiting Since She Was 5-Years-Old – Abigail Tiefenthaler

Abigail Tiefenthaler is experienced and an expert in the area of exhibiting. She is the founder of “Sweet Spot Strategies”. She’s passionate about helping women entrepreneurs take their purpose and turn it into an advantage that makes them the go-to-leader in their market. Abigail’s objective is simple. It’s to simplify branding and the marketing process […]

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LNP 91 – Do You Need an LNC Website? Only if You Want Business

Can attorneys find your legal nurse consulting business? If you do not have an LNC website, you will remain invisible to the vast majority of attorneys who might have otherwise hired you. Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points: Why is it crucial that you have a well-designed legal nurse consulting website How […]

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LNP 90 – Digital Trends for LNCs – How to Stay on Top – with Tim Peter

Tim Peter works with Fortune 500 leaders and also start-ups to help them deliver innovative effective ecommerce, digital trends for LNCs, digital marketing and online customer service initiatives. Tim is an expert in digital transformation, customer experience and marketing strategy. His recent efforts include helping clients develop detailed content strategies and improved onsite customer service […]

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LNP 85 – Top 13 Tips for Exhibiting at Attorney Conferences

You’ve spent a lot of money and time getting ready to exhibit at a conference. Don’t waste your money by decreasing your effectiveness. Here are 13 tips for exhibiting at attorney conferences. Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points: The 13 tips for exhibiting at attorney conferences. Why you should always be alert and […]

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Hiett Ives

LNP 84 – How to Get Qualified Leads from Attorney Trade Shows – Hiett Ives

Hiett Ives is an expert in identifying qualified leads by exhibiting at trade shows. He has been working approximately three decades for companies who are searching for trade show success. He’s also an effective leadership and implementation authority in business-to-business corporate marketing and trade show management. Hiett works with people in diverse industries covering gasoline […]

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LNP 81 – How Do You Describe Your Legal Nurse Consulting Value?

“Hire me! These are my services!” Pat sees too many legal nurse consulting websites that all say the same thing. They are not describing their unique legal nurse consulting value. In this podcast Pat exposes the language from an LNC whose site comes up on the 4th page of Google. This is a great placement, […]

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LNP 80 – How to Make Selling to Attorneys Effortless – Tiji Thomas

Tiji Thomas is an extremely fortunate person. He has experience that will help you make selling to attorneys effortless. He’s been around successful people all of his life and he has found great models to emulate who have given him a platform for success. He is originally from Philadelphia and lives in Houston. He has […]

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