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Gerry Lantz

LNP 70 How to Use Stories in Your LNC Practice – Gerry Lantz

Gerry Lantz is the founder of “Stories That Work”. He’s got three unique areas of expertise: He is a creative guy in a business suit who focuses on content strategy, branding and marketing as a copywriter. He focuses on how you can use stories in your LNC practice to drive all of those pieces. His […]

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Gary Lynn

LNP 66 Harnessing the Power of a Step by Step Business Plan – Gary Lynn

Dr. Gary Lynn is a full tenured professor at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship. He was selected by Business 2.0 Magazine as one of the nine leading management gurus in the world. Gary has developed the components of a step by step business plan. He authored and co-authored […]

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LNP 63 – Online Marketing Skills: Why LNCs Need Them

Yes, you need online marketing skills. Success as a legal nurse consultant is achieved with a combination of clinical knowledge, business experience, and online marketing skills. It is not enough to excel in one of these areas. Online marketing skills, oddly enough, are often the one element that causes legal nurse consultants to turn and […]

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Sandy Lawrence

LNP 62 – Public Relations: Creating Strategic Communications – Sandy Lawrence

Sandy Lawrence is an expert in public relations. She is a people person who works passionately to help take her client’s message to the world and help them break through, get noticed and be known. Her PR skills are available to anyone who needs a truly perceptive public relations expert. She’s an international speaker, best-selling […]

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hand drawing on board

LNP 61 – Do You Have a Strong LNC Brand?

Is your LNC brand as consistent as Apple’s? Have you ever bought an Apple product? From the white drawstring bag with the Apple logo to the exquisite packaging, Apple is consistent in its branding. Is your legal nurse consulting brand as consistent throughout every touch point? Brand experience is the sum of all points of contact and […]

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jena rodrigus

LNP 60 – What is Your Legal Nurse Consultant Brand? With Jena Rodriquez

Jena Rodriquez is a six and seven-figure brand strategist. She is passionate about transforming businesses from so-so to “Wow” with brand clarity strategy, branding and profit enhancement expertise. Jena’s tips will help you build your legal nurse consultant brand. Jena is the founder of “Brand With Jena”, a company that elevates and transforms entrepreneurs’ businesses […]

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woman with curious expression

LNP 59 How to Decipher Your Ideal Client’s Needs

How do you decipher your ideal client’s needs? What is the key for how to address their needs? Learn to listen to your ideal client’s needs Your approach has to be in plain English so that you speak directly to a specific kind of buyer about their specific kind of problem. It’s not marketing speak. […]

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hand shake

LNP 57 Tips for Cold Calls on Attorneys

Are you making cold calls on attorneys? Here are some tips for smoothing the process. Do you hear objections? If you can’t overcome them, you’ll never close the sale. Here are 3 tips to stay in control so you can get to the next step. Listen as Pat Iyer chats about these key points Some […]

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Caryn Kopp, chief door opener, Kopp Consulting.
(Aaron Houston NJBIZ)

LNP 56 How to Get Your Foot in the Door – Caryn Kopp

Caryn Kopp is the “Chief Door Opener” at Kopp Consulting. She excels in helping others to get your foot in the door. She has a door opener service that has helped thousands of business owners and salespeople secure initial meetings with high level decision makers in almost every major company, including PMG, GE, Merck, Verizon, […]

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Shaking on concluding a successful deal couple

LNP 55 – A Model of a Successful Sales Presentation to an Attorney

How to you react when you have an opportunity to make a successful sales presentation to an attorney? Let’s say you come home from work to a message on your answering machine. Attorney Geoffrey Gillis says he received your name from a colleague and would like you to set up a time to meet with […]

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