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dana zarcone

LNP 20 – Flying in the Face of Fear – Empowering Women with Dana Zarcone

Dana Zarcone is the CEO of Dana Zarcone International LLC, a global leadership and personal transformation company. Dana is also the founder of the “Source Your Joy” brand. Her focus now is on empowering women and helping overachieving ambitious women get their mojo back and make a huge shift in their life and in business. Listen […]

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LNP 19 – Wonderful WordPress Websites for Legal Nurse Consultants

Why are WordPress websites wonderful for LNCs? Why do you really need a website? Is it hard to maintain a website? Pat Iyer maintains 4 wonderful WordPress websites. If an aging baby boomer can do it, so can you! Listen to this episode of Iyer’s Insights to discover these tips: 3 ways your website can […]

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Paul Taubman

LNP 18 – Secrets of Driving Traffic to Your Website – with Paul Taubman

Paul Taubman is known as the person who harmonizes your online strategy. Paul is an expert in WordPress. He’s been building websites and working online since the mid 1990s. In this podcast, Paul focuses on how you can use techniques for driving traffic to your website. Listen in as Paul Taubman and Pat Iyer cover […]

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woman and man consulting

LNP 17 – 12 Simple Methods to Get More Clients

Do you want to get more clients? Before you think this is going to be a program about marketing, let me explain that the tips I am going to cover are really focused on how you run your business and interact with your clients. This builds your reputations and leads to referrals, repeat business, new […]

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Mindy Cohen

LNP 16 – Secrets of a Successful Legal Nurse Consultant – with Mindy Cohen

Mindy Cohen is one of the more experienced LNCs in practice. This successful legal nurse consultant built a nationwide litigation support service with cases that include medical malpractice, nursing malpractice, nursing home cases, personal injury, worker’s compensation, criminal cases, mass tort, product liability and toxic tort cases. In this interview, Mindy shares her advice and […]

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LNP 15 – 5 Money Management Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

What are the money management lessons LNCs might learn? In this episode of Iyer’s Insights, you will hear about some of the big money management lessons Pat learned the hard way. You will see how you can avoid the same mistakes. “Businesses don’t fail due to lack of orders. They fail due to lack of […]

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Ann Kaplan discusses how to master the art of money management

LNP 14 – How to Master the Art of Money Management – with Ann Kaplan

Ann Kaplan works closely with small business owners to make sure they get the most out of their accounting systems. Ann is skilled in the art of money management. Listen in as Ann Kaplan and Pat Iyer chat about these points: Why you need to be accountable for your financial system, even if someone else […]

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LNP 13 – Outsourcing – When You Can’t Juggle One More Thing

Pat Iyer offers this Iyer’s Insights about outsourcing for busy nurse entrepreneurs. As a legal nurse consultant, you might be holding down a full time job and also running your business in your free time. You’re not quite ready to quit the job, which gives a steady paycheck, but you could be uneasy about what […]

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Outsourcing with dina eisenberg

LNP 12 – How to Get More Done with Outsourcing – with Dina Eisenberg

Dina Eisenberg is an attorney who will show you how to get more done with outsourcing. Dina moved from prosecuting doctors for sexual misconduct and chemical dependency to becoming an expert in outsourcing. She is a professional problem solver and outsourcing strategist. Listen as Pat Iyer and Dina Eisenberg discuss How to develop the right […]

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man pushing call up hill

LNP 11 – Mastering the Hard Work of Being an Entrepreneur Pat Iyer

Pat Iyer knows that building a business takes time. Be leery of anyone who claims she started her LNC business and immediately got all the clients she could handle. In this episode of Iyer’s Insights, Pat answers these questions: What is the answer to how to build a business? The reason why only 10% of the […]

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