LNP 10 – Rewards of the Entrepreneurial Life – with Michelle Podlesni

michelle-podlesniMichelle Podlesni shares how as a burned out ICU nurse she gravitated to being an entrepreneur and began enjoying the rewards of the entrepreneurial life.

  • Are you in love with the rewards of the entrepreneurial life?
  • Do you find yourself working very hard and wonder if this is par for the course?
  • How badly do you want to be successful?

Listen as Michelle and Pat explore the rewards of the entrepreneurial life and explain

  • Why it is so important to try new things
  • How the nursing process is your friend
  • The importance of having a coach
  • The value of the National Nurses in Business Association
  • Skills she sees are critical for being a successful nurse entrepreneur
  • The three C’s of success
  • Why it is critical to “know the numbers”
  • The real number of hours a nurse entrepreneur may need to work in a week
  • The attorney who wanted to keep his LNC barefoot and pregnant (and why that is a bad thing!)

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Who will find this book essential:

        • Nurses considering starting a legal nurse consulting career
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        • Faculty teaching in an LNC program
        • Inexperienced and experienced LNCs alike

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Michelle Podlesni knows well the rewards of the entrepreneurial life.

Michelle is a USN Veteran, RN of over 30 years, and former corporate executive whose clinical and entrepreneurial background led to a career in healthcare information technology, medical cost-containment and software development. Michelle brought her service orientation, enthusiasm and diverse expertise to the corporate environment in roles from product development to C-level executive

Michelle credits her service in the United States Navy and her nursing experience for laying the foundation for the business demands of problem solving and critical thinking and was known for her ability to build consensus and coordinate large scale initiatives.

Michelle has been coaching managers, executives and nurses for the past 20 years and knows the ability to smartly strategize career advancement success is crucial for any individual. Her true passion for mentoring and helping others succeed in business has made her a sought after speaker, instructor, and business advisor, and fueled her Amazon #1 best-selling book Unconventional Nurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss!®

In her current role as President of the National Nurses in Business Association , Michelle speaks nationally on Nurse Entrepreneurship.  The NNBA provides nurses with the knowledge and tools to meet goals and connects nurses to an extensive network of colleagues and resources helping navigate the journey to entrepreneurial success.  Since 1985, the NNBA has been the Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship.

Check out the webinars, teleseminars, courses and books at legalnursebusiness.com. Expand your LNC skills with our resources.

Explore coaching with Pat Iyer at LNCAcademy.com to get more clients, make more money and avoid expensive mistakes.

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