LNP 20 – Flying in the Face of Fear – Empowering Women with Dana Zarcone

dana zarconeDana Zarcone is the CEO of Dana Zarcone International LLC, a global leadership and personal transformation company. Dana is also the founder of the “Source Your Joy” brand. Her focus now is on empowering women and helping overachieving ambitious women get their mojo back and make a huge shift in their life and in business.

Listen in as Dana Zarcone and Pat Iyer chat about these points:

  • How Dana got interested in empowering women
  • What the phrase “Standing in Your Power” means
  • How to practice the three “3 Selves”: self honesty, self acceptance, self compassion
  • Advice for LNCs who are facing some resistance from a family member about those changes that are necessary for the business owner to be able to move forward
  • Tips for people who are struggling with facing their fears
  • The three requirements for success
  • How to shift priorities and sometimes giving up things that are no longer as important to you
  •  How to resolve your issues and keep the past from haunting you
  • The myths that people have about being in business
  • Empowering women strategies found to be successful in making a business move forward
  • “How badly do I want it” – the first question that everybody should be asking

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Dana Zarcone is the CEO of Dana Zarcone International, LLC – a global leadership and personal transformation company and Founder of the Source Your Joy™ brand. In her “past life”, she developed a very successful corporate career at E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Inc. – a fortune 100 company. In spite of her success, after 24 years, she decided it was time to follow her heart and live the life she’s meant to live … a life that is more aligned with her passion and purpose of empowering women.


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