LNP​ 111 Increase Your Focus for Better Productivity – Pat Iyer

In​ this ​podcast​ I share how to increase your focus for better productivity and why focus is important​ ​in ​both ​your ​personal ​and ​professional ​life. ​ You’ll learn tips and strategies for ​gaining​ and keeping​ your​ focus so you can be productive in everything you do.

We are busier than ever before. We are spouses, lovers, parents,​ ​friends, ​legal ​nurse ​consultant business​ owners,​ and clinicians. ​ We are ​children,​ aunts and ​uncles. ​

There​ are lots of demands ​on us​ and We​ think ​that​ all adds up technology​ to stress. Better productivity has​ ​streamlined ​many ​tasks, ​but ​instead ​we ​are ​given ​more ​tools ​that ​give us​ more and​ more​ to ​do with​ less​ time ​to do it. How many times have ​you heard,​ “There’s an ​app for​ that?”

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • Why is better productivity and focus are interrelated
  • Why multitasking​ is overrated
  • How focusing​ allows​ your​ subconscious​ to​ do​​ the​ work

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  • Your presenter

    Pat Iyer has been a legal nurse consultant since 1987. She has had her share of stress but has learned how to control it with better productivity.

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