LNP​ ​106 Are​ ​You​ ​Working​ ​on​ ​Your ​​Busyness ​or ​​Your ​LNC ​Business? Marcey​ ​Rader

Marcey Rader helps LNCs focus on the question, “Are you working on your busyness or your LNC business?” It is easy to get misdirected. In this podcast Marcey hones in on an area that is very important for legal nurse business owners – productivity and time management, both important concepts in running your business well

Marcey is the founder of “Marcey Rader Coaching” and the “Work Well Play More Institute”. She’s proving that business owners can succeed without sacrificing their physical, spiritual or emotional health. We know all three of those pieces are important for running a robust business.​

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Marcey Rader chat about these points

  • What are the obvious and some of the hidden benefits of being more productive?
  • How you can save more time and you don’t waste time doing tasks that aren’t going to show a return on investment
  • Why you could pay her a million dollars and she wouldn’t give up any of her diagnoses
  • What’s the difference between being busy, being productive and being effective
  • Why you should not try every new app, program or recommendation that comes along
  • How to automate your groceries and wardrobe
  • Why breaks are important in an LNC business – not just throughout the day but also to have at least one day a week where you don’t work at all
  • Tips for working with virtual assistants

Related Product: How to use Magnetic Goals for Your LNC Success ​

In this online training, I sat down with Cathy Demers and get her to spill her knowledge on goals. Cathy Demers discusses how you can set and magnetize your goals to achieve your objectives and LNC success. She will help you define

  • how to use magnetic goals to overcome obstacles and rise to the top
  • what people want more of and less of
  • why so many people do not set goals and how that harms them and their LNC business
  • how you can use the power of the reticular activating system in your brain to help achieve goals
  • how to take impotent goals and make them magnetically charged
  • how to rub your goals
  • how to use data to measure your progress
I can attest to the power of this. I used these techniques and was able to sell my LNC business after buying a house in Florida. The jar of Florida sand on my windowsill reminded me every day of my focus. It was my magnetic goal.
Order this program, which costs $9.97 at http://lnc.tips/magnet and use the code Listened to get a 25% discount.

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As the founder of Marcey Rader Coaching, LLC and the Work Well. Play More!® Institute, Marcey Rader is proving that business owners can succeed without sacrificing their physical, spiritual, and emotional health. She is the best-selling author of two books — Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide, and Hack the Mobile Lifestyle: 6 Steps to Work Well and Play More! She’s featured in Living Healthy, Eat This! Not That!, Best Kept Self, Alpha Efficiency, Shape, Eating Well, and Training Edge. As a sought-after corporate speaker, the organizations Marcey has presented for include Cisco, Business Travel News, and Syngenta.


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