LNP​ 109 How​ ​to Wow Your ​Attorney Audience

You have an opportunity to wow an attorney audience. You want to make a great presentation. The surest way to add value to the attorney’s understanding of medical issues is to identify how you can use your expertise to help your attorney audience.

Pat Iyer has taught attorneys at local, state and national organizations. In this issue of Iyer’s Insights she shares tips on how to create a dynamite presentation.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • It’s not important how smart you are as a speaker. It’s how smart you can make the audience
  • How to develop your content around the needs of the attorney
  • How to engage your audience, deliver your message, and connect with the decision makers
  • How to wow your attorney audience

  • Tips to start your presentation for attorneys with a bang
  • Why being able to hold your temper is really important

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Most business people are not experienced speakers and need help developing powerful presentation strategies. While you have excellent LNC expertise, you may not know how to best communicate with your target audience. Stephanie Scotti makes her living teaching presentation skills.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to most effectively present your message. Suppose you are asked to make a presentation at a prospect or client’s office.

  • Would you know where to begin?
  • Would you know how to engage your audience, deliver your message, and connect with the decision makers?
  • Would you like to master powerful presentation strategies that help you achieve relaxed self-confidence?
  • Would you like to ace your presentation and gain credibility and clients?
  • Would you like to wow your attorney audience?

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Your presenter

Pat Iyer has been a legal nurse consultant since 1987. She has taught attorneys and paralegals at local, state and national conferences on topics related to medical records, epxert witnesses and damages.

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