LNP​ ​114 How​ ​to ​Develop a Successful Approach ​to ​Legal Nurse Consulting – Belanie​ ​Dishong

Belanie​ ​Dishong ​is ​a​ ​mindset ​coach.​ ​I invited her on the show to share how to develop a successful approach to legal nurse consulting. She’s ​the ​founder​ ​and CEO​ ​of ​​”Live ​at ​Choice”. ​ ​She’s​ ​an ​author ​of ​a ​number​ ​one international​ ​bestseller. ​Belanie ​is​ ​also ​​a ​keynote​ ​speaker, ​ ​workshop leader​ ​and​ ​an ​expert ​​in ​​experiential ​training ​techniques​ ​that ​​empower her​ ​clients ​​to ​ ​create ​breakthroughs ​that ​​lead ​to​ ​transformational​ ​and sustainable​​ ​life ​​changes.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Belanie​ ​Dishong chat about these points

  • What is a successful attitude towards business?
  • The event that changed Belanie’s life forever
  • How Belanie got involved with helping people with their motivations and attitudes
  • How mindset affects​ ​success
  • ​How a ​limited ​​belief ​system determines your ​success
  • Some simplified​ steps​ that​ make​ it​ easy​ to identify what’s going on in your thoughts
  • Is there a relationship between how you think and speak?
  • How to overcome the​ ​simple ​little things ​that keep you from being able​ to move forward

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  • Characteristics of bipolar disorder
  • Why two thirds of depressed people do not get treatment
  • How to access supportive websites and organizations
  • How you can help a family member who is depressed
  • Why Carol puts a face of hope on depression
  • Why depression is more than the blues

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 Your presenter for How​ ​to ​Develop a Successful Approach ​to ​Legal Nurse Consulting

Belanie Dishong, Founder and CEO of Live At Choice and Live At Choice Coaches Academy. Belanie is an international speaker, and international best selling author. She is a sought after expert in the field of personal and professional development. Belanie’s mindset and transformational workshops serves an international audience.

Through Belanie’s own personal trials and successes she has developed unique programs that have afforded thousands of people the opportunity to live more abundant lives both personally and professionally.

For over 24 years her programs have helped thousands of people realize greater relationships, career and business growth, and financial breakthroughs.

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