LNP 101 – Legal Nurse Consultant Review of Medical Errors

Legal nurse consultants work within the high stakes arena of medical errors litigation. We are often asked to screen medical malpractice cases for merit – does the case meet the criteria for a winnable case – for the plaintiff or the defendant?

Other industries, such as aviation, manufacturing, and energy developed safety interventions needed to reach a zero-defect level. Health care has not been as successful.

We have an incredibly complex system with multiple opportunities for error. I envision patient safety as resting above a safety net. The holes in the safety net range from small to wide.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • What is the “Swiss Cheese Model” for medical errors
  • How often are we hiding medical errors?
  • Why the culture of fear still exists, and prevents staff from making a full disclosure after an error has occurred
  • As an example of a medical error, what are physician responsibilities for alcohol withdrawal liability
  • Why nurses are responsible for routine questioning of all patients who are admitted to the hospital to ask them about their alcohol use

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Dr. Michael Grossman, a nurse with a PhD and a business as a consultant to health care, sat down with me to discuss errors in hospitals.

Many legal nurse consultants have conversations every day about medical errors in hospitals – whether that relates to screening a medical malpractice case for merit, locating expert witnesses, creating chronologies or other services. The more you understand about these errors, the more effectively you can help your clients.

When you listen to this program – ​Medical Errors in Hospitals: Causes and Effects​ – you will understand

  • Trends that result in more medical errors in hospitals
  • Some of the reasons why the U.S. ranks low in health
  • Inside information about the commonly occurring medical errors in hospitals
  • Why many nurses are afraid to report errors
  • What is being done in nursing to improve patient safety

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Pat Iyer has been working with medical malpractice cases involving medical errors since 1987. She is one of the editors of Nursing Malpractice, Fourth Edition.

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