LNP 102 – Analyzing Nurse Practitioner Liability: Uncovering the Risks – Carolyn Buppert

Carolyn Buppert is an attorney who focuses on legal issues affecting nurses, advanced practice clinicians and their employers. She studies nurse practitioner liability. Her clients include hospitals, health systems, insurers, physician and nurse practitioner practices, visiting nurse agencies, nursing homes, hospices, schools of nursing and a national certification organization.

She is a frequent contributor to the ​Journal of Nurse Practitioners​ and Medscape.com. She lectures extensively on legal issues regarding the scope of practice, compliance prescribing malpractice, privacy and reimbursement issues.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Carolyn Buppert chat about these points related to nurse practitioner liability

  • Some nurse practitioner liability issues
  • Why nurse practitioners are named as defendants
  • Why nurse practitioners are sued with less frequency than physicians
  • Why there are quite a number of cases over the years of missed breast cancer
  • The surprising statistic about nurse practitioners’ prescribing privileges
  • What is a SCRIPT analysis when it comes to prescribing errors
  • Lawsuits involving prescribing errors by nurse practitioners and their liability

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Your presenter

Carolyn Buppert practiced as a nurse practitioner for 16 years before focusing exclusively on legal matters.

She is the author of 8 books and 3 instructional CDs. Among the titles:
• The Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice and Legal Guide (2017)
• Frequently Asked Legal Questions Keeping Nurses Awake at Night (2015)
• Billing Physician Services Provided by Nurse Practitioners (2016)
• Negotiating Terms of Employment (2016)
• Avoiding Malpractice (2016)

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