LNP 107 Procrastination: What is the Cost?- Pat Iyer

Do you ever get concerned about procrastination as a legal nurse consultant? Put things off until the very last minute and then get stressed out trying to meet the deadline? Do you tell people you work better under pressure?

You may have told yourself that line so many times you believe it. But the bottom line is, procrastination is costing you and your legal nurse consulting business BIG time! In this issue of Iyer’s Insights you will discover some tips about procrastination – that little monster that eats away at our resolve.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • What is the emotional, physical and financial cost of procrastination
  • The 5 Steps to end procrastination and get it all done
  • Action tips to tackle procrastination
  • How overcoming writer’s block mean checking your mindset
  • How to disconnect from your distractions

Related Product: How to use Magnetic Goals for Your LNC Success ​

In this online training, I sat down with Cathy Demers and go her to spill her knowledge on goals. Cathy Demers discusses how you can set and magnetize your goals to achieve your objectives and LNC success. She will help you define

  • how to use magnetic goals to overcome obstacles and rise to the top
  • what people want more of and less of
  • why so many people do not set goals and how that harms them and their LNC success
  • how you can use the power of the reticular activating system in your brain to help achieve goals
  • how to take impotent goals and make them magnetically charged
  • how to rub your goals
  • how to use data to measure your progress

I can attest to the power of this. I used these techniques and was able to sell my business after buying a house in Florida. The jar of Florida sand on my windowsill reminded me every day of my focus. It was my magnetic goal. Order this program, which costs $9.97 at http://lnc.tips/magnet and use the code Listened to get a 25% discount.



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Pat Iyer has been a legal nurse consultant since 1987 when she first began reviewing cases as an expert witness. She achieved national prominence through her texts and many contributions to the legal nurse consulting field. She was the chief editor of Legal Nurse Consulting Principles and Practices, Second Edition, the core curriculum for legal nurse consulting. She completed 5 years on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants including one year as president.

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