LNP 12 – How to Get More Done with Outsourcing – with Dina Eisenberg


Dina Eisenberg is an attorney who will show you how to get more done with outsourcing. Dina moved from prosecuting doctors for sexual misconduct and chemical dependency to becoming an expert in outsourcing. She is a professional problem solver and outsourcing strategist.

Listen as Pat Iyer and Dina Eisenberg discuss

  • How to develop the right mindset to let go of tasks
  • What is an ondemand platform and how it can help you
  • How you can most effectively use an ondemand platform
  • How to safeguard your money so you get what you’ve paid for
  • Which of your responsibilities you should outsource
  • How you can reduce your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks to a single piece of paper
  • How a VA can help you write your blogs
  • The 3 lies of outsourcing

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Dina Lynch Eisenberg Attorney, Speaker and Outsourcing Strategist wants you to achieve more and do less. She is a 21-year-entrepreneur and Author of Fiverr: The Essential Buying Guide and upcoming delegation course, Let Go & Grow, Dina is an expert on team building, automation and ondemand marketplaces.

She loves teaching nurse-entrepreneurs, lawyers and small biz owners how to hire & delegate with grace & ease. Dina has been featured in Inc & Entrepreneur Magazines. Dina offers free consultations at http://OutsourceEasier.com

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