LNP 37 – Do You Procrastinate – What is the Cost? Pat Iyer

Man tackling procrastinationDo you ever procrastinate as a legal nurse consultant? Put things off til the very last minute and then get stressed out trying to meet the deadline? Do you tell people you work better under pressure?

You may have told yourself that line so many times you believe it. But the bottom line is, to procrastinate is costing you and your legal nurse consulting skills BIG time!

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points in this week’s Iyer’s Insights:

  • The Emotional Cost when you procrastinate
  • The Physical Cost when you procrastinate
  • The Financial Cost when you procrastinate
  • The Relationships Cost when you procrastinate
  • The 5 Steps to End Procrastination and Get It All Done
  • The action tips to tackle procrastination
  •  ​How to break down BIG projects or goals
  • How to prioritize, schedule time for each task, make a plan and take action

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Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC built a successful legal nurse consulting business. Want to know how? She developed systems to manage the details and processes of her business, and shares these tips with you in this podcast. People who work with Pat call her a “doer”. She loves being an entrepreneur.

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