LNP 49 – Retained Object After Surgery: Oops!

surgical sponge

The patient leaves the operating room with a retained object: a sponge, a clamp, or a towel. What is the impact on the patient? We’ve heard the stories of the patient’s clamp that sets off the metal detector in the airport, but many patients find out about the presence of a retained object as a result of a medical change:

  • infection (the biggest risk affecting nearly 50 percent of patients)
  • a fistula,
  • perforation of an organ, or
  • a bowel obstruction.

Most commonly, the patient is readmitted to the hospital and has to undergo surgery to remove the retained object.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points

  • How do instruments and sponges get left behind?
  • Patient safety recommendations about a retained object
  • Why do some facilities use techniques called huddles and debriefings
  • What are the ethical standards that require healthcare providers to inform patients of adverse events
  • Why don’t patients and families get explanations about adverse events?
  • How you can effectively work with attorney clients to develop questions to ask healthcare providers who were in the operating room at the time

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