LNP 56 How to Get Your Foot in the Door – Caryn Kopp

Caryn Kopp is the “Chief Door Opener” at Kopp Consulting. She excels in helping others to get your foot in the door. She has a door opener service that has helped thousands of business owners and salespeople secure initial meetings with high level decision makers in almost every major company, including PMG, GE, Merck, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Kraft, Target, CVS and the list goes on.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Caryn Kopp chat about these points:

  • How to get your foot in the door and close sales
  • How Caryn got to be the Chief Door Opener”
  • The real reasons why attorneys do not call you back
  • Why you need to use a structured system of follow-up
  • The skills that are critical in being effective in getting your foot in the door
  • The 3 P’s “Persistence with Patience without Pissing someone off”
  • What is “Market Segmentation”
  • Tips and tricks to be effective in reaching out to prospects

Related Product

The Path to the Cash! Will Your Message get you in the door

In this video 1-hour training Caryn shares more of her sale expertise. You will learn how to:

  • Deliver more relevant and compelling messages to prospect decision makers
  • Recognize commonly used objections when attempting to secure client’s business
  • Be prepared with effective answers to prospect objections
  • Use tips for enlisting the gatekeeper’s help to get your foot in the door and connect with the decision maker
  • Incorporate business development calls into a busy schedule

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Your Presenter:

Caryn Kopp has been dubbed the Chief Door Opener® because she gets her clients “in the door” with their prospects. Many business owners and sellers say, “When I’m in front of the right decision maker I close the sale most of the time, I just can’t get in front of enough of the right prospects.” Caryn’s team of senior business developers known as Kopp Door Openers® find the right opportunities and secure initial meetings for their clients.

A best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker, and an expert in Business Development, Caryn can be seen in Inc., Fortune Magazine, Forbes and Newsweek and has been interviewed on The Wall Street Journal Morning Radio Show. Her webinar “Overcome More Objections, Close More Sales!” can be seen on Verne Harnish’s Gazelle’s Growth Institute where she is a faculty member. She is also the author of The Path to The Cash! ® The Words You NEED To Bypass Those Darned Prospect Objections. This is the Go-To Book for getting in the door with prospects. Her latest book, co-authored with Carl Gould and titled Biz Dev Done Right helps business owners and their sales people understand the blind spots in the sales process and gives critical strategies for getting Business Development right.

Caryn received her MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and is the winner of a SmartCEO Future 50 Award, a Stevie Award for Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year and was an NJ BIZ Business of the Year Finalist. Caryn has also received awards including the Top 25 NJ Leading Women Entrepreneurs, Enterprising Women of the Year and the Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year.


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