LNP 58 Create Client Confidence and Comfort in Hiring You – Brian Beardon

Brian Bearden specializes in how to create client confidence and comfort in hiring you. He specializes in guerilla marketing techniques. Brian gets inspired by seeing business owners set goals and then achieve those goals. In my interactions with Brian through our mutual coaching program I’ve seen him go out of his way to help people, brainstorm and look for the specific approach that will help a business owner reach the person that he or she is trying to reach.

Brian has a company called “Upstream Marketing”, which he started 15 years ago to help businesses harness the true power of online marketing. Brain understands the world of small business owners. He gained that knowledge of what the frontline looks like. Before getting involved in small businesses Brian worked in multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Kinko’s, Burger King and Quick Work, which is owned by Pillsbury.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Brian Bearden chat about these points:

  • Why no one wants to be sold, but they want to buy
  • How you can differentiate yourself from other legal nurse consultants.
  • Why what you do to create client confidence and give a customer a relationship feeling is important
  • How you can “Mimic the Market” and make pages on your website to direct customers to their nitch or trend
  • What are two words that you must address with your website
  • Why you should have control over your site and your site should be ever evolving
  • What legal nurse consultants should be listening for when an attorney contacts her or him

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  • What 80% of business owners miss that causes marketing overwhelm and sales burnout
  • Why you will get more and better results by doing LESS marketing than you’re doing today
  • How to laser-focus your marketing using a strategic marketing blueprint so that you get up each day knowing EXACTLY where to invest your time, energy and efforts

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Your Presenter:

Brian Bearden became a marketing and business development consultant because he wanted to make a positive impact on the lives and businesses in his community. As a small business owner, Brian gained knowledge of what the front line looks like. He worked in the trenches to come up with out of the box marketing and sales strategies to help him separate his business from competition, big and small. Brian has expertise in how to create client confidence by researching his market and being prepared for client conversations.

Brian held various positions including Regional Marketing Director, Regional Sales Director, Local Store Marketing Director and many others. With over 20 + years of experience with Fortune 500 companies have given Brian a unique perspective on marketing and sales strategies. Many of the tools and much of the marketing and sales development training available at that level can have profound benefits for small- and medium-sized businesses.

When he isn’t strategizing with business owners about their business or glued to his computer screen, he spends time gardening, fishing, reading the latest sales & marketing books, and spoiling his wife and their many nieces and nephews.


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