LNP 59 How to Decipher Your Ideal Client’s Needs

woman with curious expressionHow do you decipher your ideal client’s needs? What is the key for how to address their needs?

Learn to listen to your ideal client’s needs

Your approach has to be in plain English so that you speak directly to a specific kind of buyer about their specific kind of problem. It’s not marketing speak. It’s not clever copy. This is more about copy listening than about copy writing.

Listen as Pat Iyer chats about these key points

  • How to decipher your ideal client’s needs?
  • Learn why “Experts win on a value and generalists die on price.”
  • How are you unique as a legal nurse consultant?
  • Why legal nurse consultants rely too much on a list of services and don’t sell what attorneys really want to buy
  • How to create emotional descriptions that highlight the results of your legal nurse consulting services
  • What questions to ask of your clients to get at the emotional benefits of your services

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Your Presenter

Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC built a successful legal nurse consulting business. You will become more comfortable with selling to attorneys after listening to this episode.

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