LNP 72 – The Secret of Being an Effective Speaker – Carol Little

Carol Little helps others become an effective speaker. She has 15 plus years of experience training leaders in diverse industries, including the computer industry, finance, corporate real estate, automotive, electronics, healthcare industries and the funeral industry. She excels at helping her clients to move forward beyond the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their full potential.

Carol has a slogan called “information that leads to transformation.” It’s not just a slogan, but it’s her mission, her passion and her promise.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Carol Little chat about these points:

  • Addressing the inner conversations that fuel your outer conversations
  • Why the number one fear of people is public speaking or “public being” even above the fear of death
  • The subconscious things you have no idea that your body is doing when you want to be an effective speaker
  • Why your credibility lies in your authenticity
  • The importance of giving a really strong opening line or two that just grabs your audience’s attention
  • How to be an effective speaker by speaking for clarity
  • Why you want to avoid carbonated beverages and dairy products before speaking
  • The importance of warming up your voice

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Negotiating Value Pack
One of the ways in which your abilities as an effective speaker is tested is during negotiations with attorneys. They are sharp negotiators. You are at a disadvantage in your interactions with them unless you know how to negotiate. I put these resources together for you in the Negotiating Value Pack to give you ​every advantage.

What’s in the Negotiating Value Pack?

Get 3 on demand online trainings to ramp up your negotiation skills so that you will come out on top in your negotiations with attorneys. In these 3 trainings, I collaborated with Greg Williams, an expert in negotiation and body language. Greg teaches executives, small business owners and managers to employ these techniques. Learn them to help you in your LNC business. The Negotiating Value Pack has 3 components, each valued at $47.

1. Negotiate Your Way to Success Are you an effective negotiator?

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2. Negotiating Successfully to Collect Your Cash: Tips for Business Professionals

Does this happen to you? Clients request services for which they cannot pay. You provide the services, and then struggle to obtain payment. Your cash flow is strangled by slow payers. Your relationships with clients are poisoned by payment issues. Pat Iyer and Greg Williams team up to share their negotiation expertise.

In this online training, you will learn how to:

● Use bonding methods to make it easier for clients to communicate financial hardship

● Use proven strategies to avoid collection issues

● Recognize common excuses for delays in payment invoices

● Use successful negotiating strategies to collect your money

3. Superpower Your Ability to Negotiate:
You really can master reading invisible messages in order to “read the other person’s mind.” Greg Williams will help you accurately assess the other person’s plan by first considering the image you wish to project and the role that your body language will play. In this one hour training you will learn how to

● gain an advantage in negotiations by being able to read body language

● avoid the pitfalls of misinterpreting body language

● use questions to improve your negotiating position

● develop a mindset that improves your power

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Your Presenter:

Carol Little’s coaching clients include top-level executives, industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs. She excels at helping her clients to move beyond the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their full potential. Dedicated and hardworking, Carol is committed to her clients’ success as shw works with them to become an effective speaker.
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