LNP 75 – Screening Medical Malpractice Cases for Merit – Pat Iyer

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Whether an LNC works in a law firm or is self-employed, requests for screening medical malpractice cases are common.

​In this edition of Iyer’s Insights​, Pat Iyer shares tips for screening two common types of cases: falls and medication errors. Falls are common in healthcare settings. You can perform an invaluable service by screening a fall case for merit.

A fall that results in injury – a fracture, head injury, or paralysis may present an appealing case to a plaintiff attorney. But the attorney stops and thinks, “Is this really a good case? Should I get a nurse to take a look at it?” That’s where you come in.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • The case of a previously alert and oriented nursing home resident found on the floor
  • How taking shortcuts, cutting corners, and being rushed can spell disaster
  • Why trying to cover up a medical error only worsens the liability
  • How to anticipate the defenses when you are engaged in screening medical malpractice cases for merit involving falls
  • Tips for screening a medication error case for medical malpractice
  • 3 cases involving medication errors

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Pat Iyer engaged in screening medical malpractice cases for merit for over 25 years. She is one of America’s most experienced legal nurse consultants.

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