LNP 79 – Infection Control as a Measure of Quality of Health Care

Hospital or healthcare acquired infections are one of the indicators of quality of care. Legal nurse consultants who work on medical malpractice cases may be asked by attorneys to offer opinions on whether an infection was preventable or properly treated. Infection control can be a measure of the quality of health care.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • How the overuse of Vancomycin to treat infections stimulated a generation of bacteria that is resistant to its use
  • Four areas of infection control top minimize the spread of VRE
  • The key concepts and guidelines for the prevention of catheter-associated infections
  • How to determine possible negligence in urinary catheterizations
  • What are the 8 reasons why it is difficult to manage infection control in hospitals
  • The LNCs role in reviewing cases involving infections

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