LNP 83 – Client Relationship Building for Legal Nurse Consultants

How can you expand your relationship building with attorneys? These are some questions LNCs ask me.

In my experience, attorneys tend to pigeonhole legal nurse consultants. They often think of the LNC only in terms of the services they are familiar with. Does the attorney know you also

  • do timelines?
  • attend IMEs?
  • locate expert witnesses?

A legal vendor friend of mine created a marketing piece he called, “I did not know you did that…” and he listed all of his services. I developed a piece that was similar. It is a great idea to have a promotional package that includes information about your background, testimonials. Mirror this information on your website.


Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • The promotional material you need for relationship building with attorneys
  • What you should ask the client when trying to follow up after a case in order to find out how you did?
  • Ways to Keep in Contact with Attorneys
  • Who is your Legal Nurse Consultant’s ideal client
  • How to dig deeper into the needs of your ideal client
  • The issues you should define when you think about your ideal clients needs

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How to Manage Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

These are just some tips about how to handle your legal nurse consulting business. I have a lot more in my new 2017 book, ​How to Manage Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business: Top Tips for Success.

You’ve gotten your legal nurse consulting business started, you’ve gotten clients, and you want to sustain your success. ​Business development and client management are intertwined. Both are necessary for a stable business.

In this book I tackle how to control your money and your goals, to subdue the evil twins of perfectionism and procrastination, and to get more done through outsourcing. You can reach a stressed out state as a business owner. I share tips for managing your stress and health. Ready to hire an employee? I added a chapter on the process of interviewing and hiring.

The second part of the book shares tools and techniques for ​deepening your relationships with your clients.​ You will discover how to win over and retain the clients you want and recognize those who are too much trouble. ​Mastering negotiation, business communication and conflict are essential.​ I show you how. This is the book to use to build a stable foundation for your business.

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Your Presenter:

Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC built a successful legal nurse consulting business which she was able to sell. This is an unusual feat in a services business. She has cracked the code for being able to articulate legal nurse consulting value.

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