LNP 84 – How to Get Qualified Leads from Attorney Trade Shows – Hiett Ives

Hiett Ives is an expert in identifying qualified leads by exhibiting at trade shows. He has been working approximately three decades for companies who are searching for trade show success. He’s also an effective leadership and implementation authority in business-to-business corporate marketing and trade show management.

Hiett works with people in diverse industries covering gasoline petroleum industry, food services, banks and phone companies. He presented a course for me in 2016 on “How to Profit from Trade Shows”.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Hiett Ives chat about these points:

  • How Hiett got started in this very interesting niche of helping companies with trade shows
  • At what stage should a legal nurse consultant become involved in exhibiting
  • Why Hiett does not allow his clients to offer more than three giveaways at a trade show
  • What are the interpersonal demands on somebody who’s exhibiting
  • How to ask open-ended question that are geared to requiring the person you’re talking to as one of the qualified leads
  • What are the myths about exhibiting
  • Why the faster you can follow-up with leads the better
  • The top tip, trick or a secret that will make a difference in being effective when exhibiting

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How to Profit from Trade Shows – Secrets of Success

Before We Get Started Helping You Discover How to Profit from Trade Shows

How interested are you in a technique that gets you directly in front of an attorney who could hire you – without being blocked by the attorney’s staff? As a legal nurse consultant looking at attorney trade shows as a cost-effective toolyou’ll be glad to knowwe’ve got good news for you! ​Hiett Ives ​and ​Pat Iyer ​teamed up to create a unique course that will help you:

  • Focus​ your primary services to your audience
  • Develop your show specific dialogue
  • Plan and schedule your post event follow up

What We Covered

  • Secret #1:​ How to​ quickly capture ​ attorneys’ attentions to draw them into your booth
  • Secret #2:​How to make a a brief conversation at your booth turn into a lifelong client
  • Secret#3: How to turn a business card into a ​successful sale

Sign up for this on demand online training at this link:​http://lnc.tips/tradeshows. Discover how to identify qualified leads and much more.

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Your Presenter:

Hiett Ives is a resource, dating back nearly three decades, for companies searching for trade show success. He is a effective leadership and implementation authority in:
• B2B corporate marketing and trade show management
• “Time Sensitive”, quick turnaround project management implementation
• Writing and editing, from critical C level communications to basic manuals and brochures.

His Show Dynamics’ clients are guaranteed qualified leads from their participation in B2B trade shows in any industry vertical, domestic and/or international.


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