LNP 86 – How to Stay Focused on Your LNC Goals – Debbie O’Grady

Debbie O’Grady knows what it’s like when there’s just too much to do and the day flies by way too fast. She’s kept herself busy for years working on getting her business off the ground until she finally got focused and within nine months hit six figures. In this podcast she shares tips on how to stay focused on your LNC goals.

Debbie O’Grady’s clients call her the “Queen of Accountability” because she helps them do what she did for herself, which is get on track, stay focus and make more money.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Debbie O’Grady chat about these points:

  • What’s the importance of staying focused on your LNC goals?
  • The specific marketing techniques or tasks that could be written down and then tracked to make sure that the legal nurse consultant was accomplishing those responsibilities.
  • What is the purpose of a goal journal?
  • The importance of having people you can assign specific tasks to in order to help accomplish your goals
  • Why one of the biggest challenges that we have to deal with is so many interruptions, distractions and opportunities to be taken off course.
  • How to find ways to avoid distractions and stop the noise from happening
  • Debbie O’Grady’s opinion of single tasking and multi tasking, which is more effective

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