LNP 98 – How to Keep Stepping Up Your LNC Business Success – Joy Marsden

Joy Marsden is the Self Success speaker, an ideal person to talk to us about LNC business success. Her clients see her as an influential change advocate. She works with C-suite managers and their teams using her uniquely designed “Keep Stepping Principles”, which focus on key areas that can be mastered when going through challenge and change.

Joy has over 20 years of business experience working in the corporate world with business tycoons, including the Mars Group, Next and Avon Cosmetics. At one stage Joy Marsden was managing a team of over 400 sales representatives, so she knows a thing or two about leading yourself through challenges to get results.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Joy Marsden chat about these points related to LNC business success

  • The three different areas that are vitally important for us to be able to manage ourselves
  • Steps to work towards achieving our full potential as LNCs
  • How to push beyond your boundaries without feeling uncomfortable
  • What’s the difference between a goal and a forecast
  • Learn to turn disasters into direction
  • Tips on how to handle requests for referrals

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Your presenter

Joy Marsden is the author of ‘Keep Stepping! Essential ways to lead yourself and others through challenge and change’ and is an ambassador for self-leadership and self-success.

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