LNP 99 – What is Your LNC Attitude For Success? – Pat Iyer

In this podcast I share tips on how to tackle self-improvement. Is becoming perfect possible? What is your LNC attitude for success?

“Joe” (name changed) had on the surface everything going for him. He was a graduate of an Ivy League college and ran a successful business. He was personable and friendly and made others feel important and respected. But Joe had a piece missing from his personality: a conscience. He was a charming sociopath.

Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about these points:

  • The flaw in Joe’s idea for self improvement
  • Joe’s “brilliant” idea for making money
  • What happened when Joe got caught
  • When does self-improvement become synonymous with success?
  • Why you should make room for self-improvement and how that affects your LNC attitude for success

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Your presenter

Pat Iyer prepared this edition of Iyer’s Insights. Pat realized in running her business that there are concrete components of an LNC attitude for success. she ran a highly successful business.

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