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LNP 11 – Mastering the Hard Work of Being an Entrepreneur Pat Iyer

Pat Iyer knows that building a business takes time. Be leery of anyone who claims she started her LNC business and immediately got all the clients she could handle. In this episode of Iyer’s Insights, Pat answers these questions: What is the answer to how to build a business? The reason why only 10% of the […]

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LNP 10 – Rewards of the Entrepreneurial Life – with Michelle Podlesni

Michelle Podlesni shares how as a burned out ICU nurse she gravitated to being an entrepreneur and began enjoying the rewards of the entrepreneurial life. Are you in love with the rewards of the entrepreneurial life? Do you find yourself working very hard and wonder if this is par for the course? How badly do […]

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LNP 9 – How to Collect Every Dollar You are Owed

Of course you want to collect every dollar you are owed. Legal nurse consultants will agree that the majority of attorneys are wonderful to work with – intelligent and concerned about their clients. This podcast focuses on the small number who are difficult to work with because of collection problems. Whenever you have legal vendors, […]

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LNP 8 – Negotiation Secrets for Coming Out on Top – with Greg Williams

Greg Williams is The Master Negotiator. Greg’s motto is “You are always negotiating”. Do you want to learn negotiation secrets? You bet! Do you want to win more negotiations with your clients? Do you find yourself blindsided by an angry attorney on a billing issue, and hate not coming out on top? Do you wish […]

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LNP 7 – How to Get to the Gold – Relationship Marketing

Need more business? Pat Iyer shares tips about passive and active ways to get business by relationship marketing. Are you curious about the role of social media in getting business? Are you allowing yourself to make excuses instead of asking for referrals? This Iyer’s Insights episode is all about relationship marketing. Pat Iyer discusses Why […]

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Brian Basilico

LNP 6 – Relationship Marketing – How to Develop Know, Like, Trust Factors – with Brian Basilico

Brian Basilico shares tips you will love about relationship marketing. Are you stumped about relationship marketing? Or do you want to know how to put to great use the power of relationship marketing? Are you interested in getting more clients or deepening your connection with your current clients? Listen to an informative interview with Brian, […]

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LNP 5 – Critical Details of Trauma Medical Records

 Pat Iyer shares tips about analyzing trauma medical records. Do you see emergency department medical records as part of your LNC practice? Have you ever found discrepancies or critical details in these trauma medical records? This Iyer’s Insights episode is all about analyzing trauma medical records, whether created in the emergency department or in the physician’s […]

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Tammy Murphy

LNP 4 – Alert – the Trauma Patient Is On the Way Into the ED – with Tammy Murphy

Experienced emergency department nurse Tammy Murphy takes you behind the scenes for an insider look at what it is like to work in the emergency department. An expert witness, Tammy shows you what is behind the curtains and the blood in the ED. She focuses in this interview on the care of the trauma patient. […]

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LNP 3 – How to Deliver Dynamite Presentations to Attorneys

Pat Iyer shares critical tips about how to effectively connect with your attorney audience. Do you recognize the value of demonstrating your expertise by giving a dynamite presentation to an attorney group? Do you want more clients or to deepen your connection with your current clients? (Some may be in the audience.) How interested are you […]

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LNP 2 – Powerful Professional Presentations- with Stephanie Scotti

Stephanie Scotti shares how LNCs can make poised, powerful professional presentations to their clients and prospects. Do you want to show your expertise to your clients through a powerful professional presentation at a law firm or conference? Do you want to learn how to be really clear about your message? Do you want to hear […]

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