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LNP 55 – A Model of a Successful Sales Presentation to an Attorney

How to you react when you have an opportunity to make a successful sales presentation to an attorney? Let’s say you come home from work to a message on your answering machine. Attorney Geoffrey Gillis says he received your name from a colleague and would like you to set up a time to meet with […]

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candy barone

LNP 54 – Closing the Sale and Getting What You Want – Candy Barone

Candy Barone is known as the pull no punches accountability powerhouse. She teaches people about closing the sale. As the CEO and founder of You Empowered Strong, Candy is an executive coach, business strategist and a corporate trainer. She also speaks internationally and is an Amazon bestseller author. Candy works with what she calls the […]

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LNP 33 – 6 Critical Tips for a Successful LNC Business – Pat Iyer

Interested in discovering critical tips for creating a successful LNC business? In this podcast I share 6 critical tips for your legal nurse consulting business and a simple formula to create a successful LNC business. CSI may mean Crime Scene Investigation to you, but to me it stands for principles of customer care – principles […]

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LNP 32 – Winning Over Attorneys with Popsicles – Dana Jolly

Dana Jolly is a legal nurse consultant with over 20 years of diverse nursing experience. She shares tips for winning over attorneys in this podcast. She got into legal nurse consulting in the year 2002 working as a clinical expert witness. From there she built a business advising attorneys throughout the U.S. on medically related […]

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LNP 31 How to Spot the Bully Attorney – with Pat Iyer

Are you so hungry for work as a legal nurse consultant that you would say yes to any attorney who asked you to provide services? Pat never thought she would have to answer that question until she met Mr. Senior Partner. Would you work for a bully attorney? Listen in as Pat Iyer chats about […]

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angry attorney yelling at LNC

LNP 27 Attorney and LNC Conflicts – When the Attorney is Angry

How you handle an angry client will determine if he stays your client, leaves your business or tells his colleagues not to do business with you. Attorney and LNC conflicts can plague even the most established LNC businesses. The phone rings. You can almost see the steam coming out of the attorney’s ears as he emphatically […]

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Randy Keirn

LNP 26 – Conflict Management – What To Do When Your Client Is Angry – With Randy Keirn

Randy Keirn has an interesting background. He is a training, professional and leadership expert. He specializes in conflict management, certainly a subject that we as nurses know about from many different perspectives. Randy has over 20 years of experience in fire services, serving as a chief officer. He’s an instructor and he’s also a nurse, […]

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LNP 17 – 12 Simple Methods to Get More Clients

Do you want to get more clients? Before you think this is going to be a program about marketing, let me explain that the tips I am going to cover are really focused on how you run your business and interact with your clients. This builds your reputations and leads to referrals, repeat business, new […]

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