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LNP 28 – How to Get More Clients – Advice from an Attorney – With Wayne Schoeneberg

Wayne Schoeneberg Esq. tells you how to get more clients. Want to build your practice? Listen to Wayne’s advice. Listen in as Wayne and Pat Iyer chat about these points: Wayne talks about what he would recommend a legal nurse consultant do to get more clients. How to carefully pick your market and do some […]

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LNP 25 -Secrets of Successful Networking and Attorney Presentations

How can LNCs obtain opportunities to present their knowledge through attorney presentations? Networking is one of the most effective ways – both to get speaking opportunities as well as clients. When you do a great job presenting information to your target market, it often results in getting cases. In this issue of Iyer’s Insights, listen […]

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hand shake symbolizing selling to senior attorneys

LNP 23 – How to Successfully Sell to Senior Attorneys

Curious about how to sell to senior attorneys? Senior attorneys, partners, or managing partners make the decisions about which vendors to work with. As a legal nurse consultant, your goal should be to sell to senior attorneys. You are a vendor who has to demonstrate you understand the language of senior attorneys. People at this […]

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Casey carpenter

LNP 22 – How to Harness the Quiet Power of Introverts – With Casey Carpenter

Casey Carpenter focuses on helping people improve sales skills with the right training and the right mentor. Casey came to grips with her introverted personality before she founded the Sales Breakthrough Coach. She helps organizations who want to exponentially improve their sales, communication and leadership skills, and close more deals. Listen in as Casey Carpenter […]

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LNP 19 – Wonderful WordPress Websites for Legal Nurse Consultants

Why are WordPress websites wonderful for LNCs? Why do you really need a website? Is it hard to maintain a website? Pat Iyer maintains 4 wonderful WordPress websites. If an aging baby boomer can do it, so can you! Listen to this episode of Iyer’s Insights to discover these tips: 3 ways your website can […]

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Paul Taubman

LNP 18 – Secrets of Driving Traffic to Your Website – with Paul Taubman

Paul Taubman is known as the person who harmonizes your online strategy. Paul is an expert in WordPress. He’s been building websites and working online since the mid 1990s. In this podcast, Paul focuses on how you can use techniques for driving traffic to your website. Listen in as Paul Taubman and Pat Iyer cover […]

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LNP 7 – How to Get to the Gold – Relationship Marketing

Need more business? Pat Iyer shares tips about passive and active ways to get business by relationship marketing. Are you curious about the role of social media in getting business? Are you allowing yourself to make excuses instead of asking for referrals? This Iyer’s Insights episode is all about relationship marketing. Pat Iyer discusses Why […]

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Brian Basilico

LNP 6 – Relationship Marketing – How to Develop Know, Like, Trust Factors – with Brian Basilico

Brian Basilico shares tips you will love about relationship marketing. Are you stumped about relationship marketing? Or do you want to know how to put to great use the power of relationship marketing? Are you interested in getting more clients or deepening your connection with your current clients? Listen to an informative interview with Brian, […]

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