LNP 1 – Introduction to Legal Nurse Podcast

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMVAAAAJDQ0NDhjMjIxLWRkNTktNGFiNy05OGU1LTM1YjI1ZWZhMzg4YgHi, I’m Pat Iyer. I’m so glad you stopped by to listen to Legal Nurse Podcast. In this brief episode, I cover who the Legal Nurse Podcast is for, what types of information you can expect to get and how I organize the content.

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In Legal Nurse Podcast, Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC shares her expertise as a legal nurse consultant who entered the field as a nursing liability expert witness. She developed an independent LNC business that was able to accomplish what 4 out of 100 businesses achieve: over $1 million in sales. Pat now coaches other legal nurse consultants through LNCAcademy.com to help them gain more clients, make more money and avoid expensive mistakes.

Check out the webinars, teleseminars, courses and books at legalnursebusiness.com. Expand your LNC skills with our resources.

Explore coaching with Pat Iyer at LNCAcademy.com to get more clients, make more money and avoid expensive mistakes.

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