LNP 2 – Powerful Professional Presentations- with Stephanie Scotti

Stephanie Scotti shares how LNCs can make poised, powerful professional presentations to their clients and prospects.

  • Do you want to show your expertise to your clients through a powerful professional presentation at a law firm or conference?
  • Do you want to learn how to be really clear about your message?
  • Do you want to hear a speaker who has coached business leaders around the world in powerful professional presentations?

Then you’ll want listen to an informative interview with Stephanie Scotti, all about powerful professional presentations.

Stephanie has extensive experience as a presentation coach – she gets hired to help people improve their ability to communicate their expertise. On this podcast, Stephanie provides lots of tips about how to most effectively present. Stephanie will reveal presentation secrets that you can use the next time you have an opportunity to make a presentation to an attorney.

Listen as Stephanie Scotti and Pat Iyer discuss

  • What most presenters consistently struggle with
  • How to define your core message
  • The attorney’s key expectation of the LNC regarding making messages simple
  • The critical questions you need to ask yourself before you walk into a room to present to an attorney
  • What you need to do as attorneys are walking into the room to listen to you
  • What SPA means and how you can use it to quickly capture the attorney’s attention
  • How Pat earned over $200,000 from a 10 minute talk
  • How you can make a powerful professional presentation interactive
  • The skills that are critical to being effective as a presenter

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Most business people are not experienced speakers and need help developing powerful presentation strategies. While you have excellent LNC expertise, you may not know how to best communicate with your target audience.

Stephanie Scotti makes her living teaching presentation skills.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to most effectively present your message. You are asked to make a presentation at a prospect or client’s office.

  • Would you know where to begin?
  • Would you know how to engage your audience, deliver your message, and connect with the decision makers?
  • Would you like to master powerful presentation strategies that help you achieve relaxed self-confidence?
  • Would you like to ace your presentation and gain credibility and clients?

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Stephanie Scotti is the founder and director of Professionally Speaking Consulting LLC. Stephanie’s company is a communication consulting agency that’s focused on executive communication success.

Stephanie has a unique ability to help her clients consistently outperform the competition, gain recognition and win new business. She has coached thousands of high level decision makers in diverse and recognized regional, national and global companies.

Stephanie is considered an expert in communications and public speaking. She is a contributing author for the online publication Smart Brief on Leadership. She was published in Huffington Post, as well as she publishes her own group of articles and tips called “Speaker Notes”. She prepares training materials, blogs and newsletters.

Check out the webinars, teleseminars, courses and books at legalnursebusiness.com. Expand your LNC skills with our resources.

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3 Responses to LNP 2 – Powerful Professional Presentations- with Stephanie Scotti

  1. Joanne Walker September 8, 2016 at 12:30 am #

    Stephanie’s discussion with Pat was very helpful, since I’m presenting in a webinar for the first time soon. Great info about reading the presentation out loud to yourself. I recorded it on my phone too and played it back to see if I sounded conversational and not boring. Harder to tell how the audience is receiving your info without eye contact.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise, Pat and Stephanie!


  2. Lisa Wilson September 10, 2016 at 11:01 pm #

    Great podcast! I am new to public speaking & this information is very helpful. Thank you to Pat & Stephanie for sharing your expertise.


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