LNP 4 – Alert – the Trauma Patient Is On the Way Into the ED – with Tammy Murphy

Experienced emergency department nurse Tammy Murphy takes you behind the scenes for an insider look at what it is like to work in the emergency department. An expert witness, Tammy shows you what is behind the curtains and the blood in the ED. She focuses in this interview on the care of the trauma patient.

Are you puzzled about how to interpret emergency department medical records? Tammy’s insights will make it easier to understand personal injury and ED records of a trauma patient.

In this interview you’ll hear Tammy Murphy and Pat Iyer discuss

  • What really happens in the emergency department when they get a call that a trauma patient is coming in
  • Why the Golden Hour is so critical
  • The biggest challenge in caring for a trauma patient
  • The greatest fear of the ED nurse
  • The unique challenge posed by the patient with behavioral issues
  • The one essential component most emergency department electronic medical records lack
  • Why ED records may be incomplete

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Tammy J. Murphy, BA-HCM, RN, LNC started her own successful independent Legal Nurse Consultant business in 2000. She testifies at trial and depositions as an expert in medical malpractice and personal injury plaintiff and defense cases. Tammy also develops programs and speaks, to share her experiences in an effort to educate healthcare workers to contribute and ensure patient and practice safety.

Tammy coauthored a chapter on Emergency Nursing Malpractice, in Iyer, Levin, Ashton and Powell (Editors), Nursing Malpractice 4th edition, Lawyers and Judges. She has published in the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants Journals and the Journal of Emergency Nursing.

She was also the editor of American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants Network News for many years.
Tammy’s clinical experience includes being a Manager of Patient Care in the emergency department at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River which is part of Southcoast Health.

Prior to working at Southcoast health, she worked in the emergency department as an Advanced Clinician III, and charge nurse at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth, MA for over 24 years. She was the Service Excellence Chair overseeing the departments Press Ganey Scores, and relentlessly working on ways to improve the quality of care and services for patients and families. As Service Excellence Chair, she spearheaded a fund raiser that yielded over $15,000 in one evening to contribute to the emergency department’s Service Excellence initiatives.

Tammy has been recognized as a leader and awarded the “Plymouth Area Emergency Medical Systems Nurse of the Year and Massachusetts House of Representatives Recognition of “Nurse of the year.” She has served two terms as president of the Southern New England Chapter of American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants; and served on the board of directors for 3 years.

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