LNP 6 – Relationship Marketing – How to Develop Know, Like, Trust Factors – with Brian Basilico

Brian Basilico shares tips you will love about relationship marketing.

  • Are you stumped about relationship marketing?
  • Or do you want to know how to put to great use the power of relationship marketing?
  • Are you interested in getting more clients or deepening your connection with your current clients?

Listen to an informative interview with Brian, all about forming strong connections with prospects and clients. Brian has a ton of experience as a marketer and provides lots of tips about relationship marketing. In this podcast Brian reveals secrets of how to build a strong client base.

Brian Basilico and Pat Iyer discuss

  • How Brian started his first business with an Atari computer and a dot matrix printer in the basement of his home
  • What is behind the phrase “know, like and trust”?
  • Why “it is better to give than receive” is a smart business principle
  • Why your marketing will be doomed if you don’t understand relationship marketing
  • What is the true difference between WIIFM and WIIAM (besides one letter)
  • The one thing you must do to be effective in relationship marketing
  • How to put Google Analytics to work for you
  • The three essential pieces of the marketing trifecta
  • The three activities you need to perform EVERY day
  • The critical skills in relationship marketing

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Brian Basilico is a sought after speaker, coach and adjunct professor. He brings to you today over 35 years of marketing experience to his award-winning Internet marketing company called “B2b Interactive Marketing Incorporated”. Brian is a syndicated podcaster at the www.BaconPodcast.com.

Brian is an internationally recognized best selling author of “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon! Relationship Marketing In A Social Media World!” and “The Bacon System! Marketing Recipes For A Sizzlin’ Business!” Brian is a blogger and a guest expert featured in Entrepreneur and Inc., magazines, also in articles, radio shows and podcasts.

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