LNP 17 – 12 Simple Methods to Get More Clients

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Do you want to get more clients? Before you think this is going to be a program about marketing, let me explain that the tips I am going to cover are really focused on how you run your business and interact with your clients. This builds your reputations and leads to referrals, repeat business, new clients – new clients who tell others how happy they are with your services.

Here’s what Pat Iyer covers in this episode of Iyer’s Insights:

  • The attitude you could convey that will cause people to run the other way
  • The importance of being courageous
  • Focus on benefits first before you talk about services
  • Why you should occasionally do something for free
  • Why you need to be able to write effective sales letters to get more clients
  • Tips for getting closer to your clients

Related Product to Get More Clients: Build Customer Relationships

lnc-and-attorneyDo you wish you could attract more business with ease? Many small business owners would like to do a better job of staying “top-of-mind” with prospects, or doing a better job of expressing appreciation to the clients they currently have, but limited time and money become a barrier.

Successful business owners understand that building strong relationships impacts the bottom line. It is a given that 66% of their business is found through their sphere of influence. How are you staying in touch with your sphere of influence so you can get more clients?

Build Customer Relationships is an audioprogram presented by Kathy Paauw, who is the owner and president of Paauwerfully Organized. Order it at this link.

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Pat Iyer developed an independent legal nurse consulting from scratch using a variety of techniques to get more clients. She built strong client relationships that led to a successful legal nurse consulting business, which she sold in 2015

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