LNP 19 – Wonderful WordPress Websites for Legal Nurse Consultants


Why are WordPress websites wonderful for LNCs? Why do you really need a website? Is it hard to maintain a website? Pat Iyer maintains 4 wonderful WordPress websites. If an aging baby boomer can do it, so can you!

Listen to this episode of Iyer’s Insights to discover these tips:

  • 3 ways your website can do wonderful things for your business
  • Why 3000 copies of a brochure Pat designed became obsolete even as they were being delivered to her office
  • Why you no longer need to be under the control of another person to make changes in your website
  • 3 reasons why WordPress offers significant advantages over other website platforms
  • 3 skills you need to have a wonderful WordPress website

Related Product: How to Create a WOW Website

website-word-webPaul Taubman and Pat Iyer teamed up to create an online course called How to Create a Wow Website. It unlocks the secrets of WordPress and allows you to gain control over your website.

In this course we cover how to develop or refine a WordPress website. If you don’t have one, by the time the course is over you will have one up and running that you can show your friends, family, and even clients! AND when you get inspiration at 11 PM, you will be able to update your own website quickly and easily! You will not have to rely on anyone else.

We also reveal how many website owners are targets for legal action due to copyright violations. It is not legal to use any image you find on the internet. You will learn what you can and cannot put on your website to provide that much needed protection! You can use these techniques to quickly achieve success with your own website.

Get information about the course at http://legalnursebusiness.com/wow

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Pat Iyer’s first website was designed with Microsoft Front Page. That first website created in 1996 eventually evolved to become a WordPress website. She credits some of her business growth to being one of the first LNCs to have a website. She incorporates internet marketing techniques into her websites to attract clients and drive traffic to her sites.

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