LNP 24 – Crush the 7 Deadly Sins of Speaking – With Kathleen Pagana

Kathleen Pagana

Kathleen Pagana PhD RN is a professional speaker and a best selling author. You may recognize Kathleen as being one of the lead authors of Mosby’s Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, which she developed with her husband, and Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing.

The focus of this program is the deadly sins of speaking. In the legal nurse consulting world you may be involved in presenting to an attorney in a number of ways at a conference, at a lunch and learn or a small educational gathering at a law firm. You could be in a courtroom presenting your opinion and persuading the jury to accept and endorse your opinion of a case.

Many of the tips that you’re going to hear from Kathleen can be applied in your communication with attorneys.

Listen in as Kathleen Pagana and Pat Iyer chat about these points:

  • How Kathleen became certified as a trainer and learned from the inside out what it takes to be a speaker
  • How to walk into a room, connect with the audience, deliver material, watch their reactions, change the examples and think on your feet
  • How to avoid the deadly sins of speaking and appear more competent
  • The things that you shouldn’t do at the beginning of a presentation
  • How to grab people’s attention with your opening
  • The worst introduction Pat ever got
  • Ways to connect with that audience by eye contact and interacting
  • How to put your presentation together and have some material that your audience must know, should know and could know
  • Things to do to in order to be polite and nice to the organizer and the audience
  • A HUGE mistake expert witnesses make
  •  How to not lose your cool, become annoyed and angry.
  • How to avoid one of the deadly sins of speaking which includes losing control of an unruly audience member


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Stephanie Scotti is the founder and director of Professionally Speaking Consulting LLC. Stephanie’s company is a communication consulting agency that’s focused on executive communication success.

Stephanie has a unique ability to help her clients consistently outperform the competition, gain recognition and win new business. She has coached thousands of high level decision makers in diverse and recognized regional, national and global companies.

Stephanie is considered an expert in communications and public speaking. She is a contributing author for the online publication Smart Brief on Leadership. She was published in Huffington Post, as well as she publishes her own group of articles and tips called “Speaker Notes”. She prepares training materials, blogs and newsletters.


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