LNP 26 – Conflict Management – What To Do When Your Client Is Angry – With Randy Keirn

Randy KeirnRandy Keirn has an interesting background. He is a training, professional and leadership expert. He specializes in conflict management, certainly a subject that we as nurses know about from many different perspectives.

Randy has over 20 years of experience in fire services, serving as a chief officer. He’s an instructor and he’s also a nurse, an interesting combination. He’s a community educator, as well as the president of a company called “Fully Involved Consulting”. Randy specializes in producing results with leaders, teams and organizations through customized training programs. He specifically shares his knowledge about conflict management.

Listen in as Randy Keirn and Pat Iyer chat about these points:

  • How he faced a very difficult conflict with a crew member
  • The real and lasting consequences as a result of not handling conflict well
  • The  four stages of team dynamics or team development
  • How team dynamics could have an impact on the patient’s safety and communication within a nursing unit
  • Tips for conflict management
  • How to let people know you’re listening to them, get to clarity and understand the real issue
  •  How forming an action plan set in place and knowing what are the repercussions can help stop bad behavior
  • What does the acronym CLEAR mean and how can the steps help with conflict management

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Your Presenter

Randy Keirn is a Training Professional and Leadership Expert (specializing in Conflict Management) with over 20 years of experience in Fire Services serving as Chief Officer, Instructor, Nurse, community educator and as the President of Fully Involved Consulting, Inc. who specializes in producing results with leaders, teams, and organizations through customized training programs.

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