LNP 32 – Winning Over Attorneys with Popsicles – Dana Jolly

Dana Jolly is a legal nurse consultant with over 20 years of diverse nursing experience. She shares tips for winning over attorneys in this podcast. She got into legal nurse consulting in the year 2002 working as a clinical expert witness. From there she built a business advising attorneys throughout the U.S. on medically related litigation. In 2005, Dana became board certified in the specialty practice of legal nurse consulting.

Tips for Winning Over Attorneys

Listen in as Dana Jolly and Pat Iyer chat about these points:

  • How Dana got her first case as an expert witness
  • How Dana founded Jolly Consulting and by winning over attorneys, grew it into a national legal nurse consulting business serving clients throughout the U.S
  • The one case that stands out in Dana’s mind as being the most interesting one
  • How inexperienced or disorganized clients are the most challenging
  • How to give a sense of control to the client that helps avoid invoicing issues
  • Tips you can use for winning over attorneys
  • The skills that are important to possess to be a successful legal nurse consultant

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About the Speaker

Dana Jolly has over twenty years of diverse nursing experience. After entering the field as an expert witness, she expanded her business to handle cases for attorneys throughout the U.S. with medically related cases.

Dana is active in AALNC nationally and locally. She served a term on the prestigious American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board (ALNCCB), chaired the research committee, as well as worked on various committees. Locally, Dana served as president of the Central Virginia Chapter. She is currently updating her chapter, Evaluation of Surgical and Anesthesia Cases, for the upcoming 4th edition of Principles and Practice of Legal Nurse Consulting.

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