LNP 46 – The Devastating Impact of a Hacked Website – Debra Lloyd

Debra Lloyd is a webmistress and online website security expert. She knows how to correct hacked websites – and fix what can be catastrophic effects on a business. Debra has been working in this arena since 1996. She’s an active coach, a consultant and a website designer. She’s worked with Pat on her websites. These days she helps business owners manage and maintain the security of their websites while increasing leads, and visibility with search engines.

When you see Debra in action, it’s easy to see that she enjoys the process of helping people become more self sufficient, take control of their web presence and learn how to prevent hacked websites. She assists business owners to use websites to build a larger, bigger business. Debra’s worked on several legal nurse consulting websites and understands our unique niche.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Debra Lloyd chat about these points:

  • Why you absolutely have to have a website
  • How websites can be attacked – this can happen to even the smallest sites.
  • An essential tip for new website owners
  • What are frameworks and child themes?
  • Why you should avoid free themes
  • Some cool tricks about automating systems on a website
  • Why you make sure that you have a knowledgeable person handling the security and updating the security programs
  • What trends and websites are becoming obsolete, and are going on their way out?
  • How to avoid having a hacked website

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Your Presenter

As an active coach and consultant, Debra helps businesses manage and maintain the security of their websites while increasing leads and visibility with search engines.

Debra’s strengths as a web consultant come from having worked down and dirty, in the trenches first-hand. She’s no stranger to building start-up’s on a shoestring, in fact she credits the inevitable challenges of building a business in-spite of being cash-strapped, for helping her hone her instincts and creativity.

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