LNP 57 Tips for Cold Calls on Attorneys

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Are you making cold calls on attorneys? Here are some tips for smoothing the process.

Do you hear objections? If you can’t overcome them, you’ll never close the sale. Here are 3 tips to stay in control so you can get to the next step.

Listen as Pat Iyer chats about these key points

  • Some sample objection you may encounter during cold calls
  • How do you respond to this resistance statement? ”I already have a legal nurse consultant.”
  • How to shorten the sales cycle by asking for a next step during every contact point
  • How to find the decision makers to fill your pipeline
  • When to change up your networking activities

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  • Be prepared with effective answers to prospect objections
  • Use tips for enlisting the gatekeeper’s help to connect with the decision maker
  • Incorporate business development and cold calls into a busy schedule

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Your Presenter

Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC built a successful legal nurse consulting business. You will become more comfortable with selling to attorneys after listening to this episode.

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