LNP 7 – How to Get to the Gold – Relationship Marketing

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Need more business? Pat Iyer shares tips about passive and active ways to get business by relationship marketing.

  • Are you curious about the role of social media in getting business?
  • Are you allowing yourself to make excuses instead of asking for referrals?

This Iyer’s Insights episode is all about relationship marketing.

Pat Iyer discusses

  • Why there is no better time to be active in social media
  • The ability of social media to reach new audiences
  • Why social media rarely results in an immediate a flood of cases
  • How to combat the excuses you may use to avoid asking for referrals

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  • How you can instantly intrigue people so they will want to listen to you
  • Once you get prospects to your website, how you can keep them engaged

…and much, MUCH more!

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Pat Iyer got involved in social media early on, claimed her name, and began posting and connecting. Connect with Pat in Linkedin and join her Legal Nurse Consulting Marketing group.

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