LNP 70 How to Use Stories in Your LNC Practice – Gerry Lantz

Gerry Lantz is the founder of “Stories That Work”. He’s got three unique areas of expertise: He is a creative guy in a business suit who focuses on content strategy, branding and marketing as a copywriter. He focuses on how you can use stories in your LNC practice to drive all of those pieces.

His narrative tools result in differentiating brand identities and motivating stories that sell, and help people build brands for tomorrow. Gerry’s favorite story about business is how to make it grow.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Gerry Lantz chat about these points:

  • What is a content strategist?
  • why attorneys focus on pulling out stories and why you should use stories in your LNC practice
  • The definition of the ABCD’s of story telling
  • Why it’s very powerful to tell people an engaging story that’s structured in a way that keeps them a little bit breathless
  • What the term “Promised Customer Experience” really means
  • How you can own fresh language
  • How it’s all about selling logic not just email headlines

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Your Presenter:

Gerry Lantz’s favorite story about business is how to make it grow. Clients who work with Gerry move their brand identities far beyond the same-old, same-old category generics into fresh expressions of their authentic brand values and promised customer experience—all together they tell the story only their brand can tell, drive leads and revenue, and end-run the competition. His narrative approach has improved results for B2B, B2C, professional service, and Non-Profit clients.

As a senior officer at Ogilvy, DDB, and Corporate Marketing Director at Ferrero USA, he directed marketing, sales, advertising, public relations, promotions and research initiatives for both global and domestic clients and brands. In recognition of his contributions, Gerry has received two Effies and two David Ogilvy Awards—both awards for marketing and communications effectiveness–and the Toy Marketing Association’s Award for Best Marketing, Advertising, & Promotion.

Though Gerry spent most of his working life in New York City and now in Philadelphia, he was born and raised in the Midwest where he raced a stock car on dirt tracks as a teenager. He still goes fast and clients think he has good ideas a mile-a-minute.

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