LNP 78 – Lean Six Sigma: Is There Hope for Improving Health Care? – Ian Laurence (Larry) Cohen MD

Dr. Larry Cohen is an intensivist I’ve known for several years. He’s mastered Lean Six Sigma. Larry has been an expert witness and has screened some medical malpractice cases. He draws on his experience as an intensivist working in a comprehensive cancer center in Buffalo, NY. Larry is also a tenured associate professor at the Jacob School of Medical Biomedical Science.

Larry was involved with a partner in running an ICU and then stepped up into a leadership position and became the chief of critical care of a unit that now has 27 beds. Just recently he’s been able to reduce his clinical practice to part-time after practicing for 40 years as a physician. Larry’s also got a deep involvement in process improvement and became a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He’s also been involved in and published in both medical science and management science.

Listen in as Pat Iyer and Larry Cohen chat about these points:

  • What is the definition of Six Sigma
  • Why is a Lean Six Sigma is a perfect system to look at in terms of reducing medical error
  • How to stop telling everybody how much you know and start listening to the things that are going on in their life
  • What are the processes that can be improved upon in a business
  • What are the different levels of belts in Lean Six Sigma
  • What are the processes that reduce cost and mortality rates
  • How Six Sigma can be used for emergency evaluations of possible ICU patients
  • Larry’s take on the subject of opioid overdoses and respiratory depression

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Your Presenter:

Larry is an Intensivist working in a Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo New York, and a Tenured Associate Professor at the Jacobs School of Medical and Biomedical Sciences. His organization has been able to deploy their own innovative approaches. Recently, this netted the facility a National Society award for safety and quality.

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